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RAF Mildenhall and Lakenheath visit

First trip of the year to 'The Hall' and 'The Heath' and it wasn't dissapointing. The sun was shining and the stong winds from earlier in the week were non existant.

As we arrived an RC-135 together with two KC-135s got airborne and that was the start of a very busy day. Several MC-130's departed and ran circuits of the field for most of the afternoon. Although we never caught a glimpse of the Ospreys all day, as the afternoon drew on a armée de l'air KC135 arrived on base as an added bonus.

Over at the Lakenheath we arrived just in time for three returning F-15c Eagles touching down and flying circuits in the sunshine which topped the day off nicely.

Images from the day can be seen on our Flickr page below.


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