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2015 PDA at RAF Coningsby

Wow! what a great few hours of flying. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight were faultless displaying Spitfire AB910 and Hurricane PZ865 as a duo, the every glorious Douglas Dakota Kwicherbichen, Spitfire TE311 and Hurricane LF363 again as a duo.

From The Mound the viewing as ever was spectacular, the sun was shining for the early part of the afternoon and we were treated to som truely spectacular flying from these old warbirds.

As the afternoon wore on a light cloud rolled in but it didnt spoil the atmosphere at a packed Coningsby. The 2015 Display Typhoon was cleared for its display and for me it has to be one of the best Typhoon displays I have seen. Flt Lt Jonathan Dowen in the Special scheme 29 Squadron Typhoon put on a truely impressive display n ZK353 and I would urge anyone to go and see it this year.

Plenty of afterburner, noise and fast passes combined with some superb rolls and climbs makes for great show from the RAF this year.

Finally for the day were able to whitness the Battle of Britain Anniversary Synchro pair made up of the BBMF Spitfire and the glorious camouflage Typhoon ZK349. Although this combo has been done a few times previously the routine for 2015 coupled with that striking Typhoon makes this one not to be be missed on the 2015 circuit. The Typhoon chasing the spitfire round the airfield at speeds so slow you wouldnt think a modern fighter capable of achieveing without falling from the sky, followed by cross overs and fast passes make for a truely awesome spectacle. The pictures really do not do it justice.

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